I’m back!

After having let this blog languish for far too long, I’m back, with renewed good intentions to keep it updated. The past year has been a whirlwind of activity. In September, I moved to Cambridge for a final year internship at the Weissman Preservation Center at Harvard University, where I have become significantly more comfortable working with parchment, and have had the opportunity to treat a (probably 19th-century) silk binding. I had no experience treating textiles before, so it’s been a learning experience, of which my major take away so far has been that it is infinitely more difficult to dye fabric than it is to tone either leather or paper!

Part of the reason for my absence has been due to the acceptance of a paper and a poster for presentation at two different conferences: the seminar for the Care and Conservation of Manuscripts in Copenhagen, and the American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting. The past six months have been consumed not just with new treatments but with the creation of presentations, posters, and grant applications to assist with conference attendance. The Care and Conservation of Manuscripts seminar will take place next week, and I’m very excited to share my research with my international colleagues.


About Saira

Saira is a newly fledged book conservator currently working in Saint Paul, MN.
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One Response to I’m back!

  1. Such cool developments, Saira! Way to go!


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