It’s been a while since I posted; a fact I blame entirely on the insanity that is the month before finals in grad school. In our case, the craziness was exacerbated by the annual Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation (ANAGPIC) conference, which took place at the end of April. As it was hosted by the UCLA/Getty conservation program, we got to fly to LA for a week of beautiful weather and wonderful company, as well as some truly fantastic presentations.

It was really amazing to learn of what our peers across North America are already achieving. There were talks about treating material ranging from a Native American Vest to an Egyptian mummy, and my classmate, Annika Finne, did us first year NYU students proud by giving a fascinating paper on the issues involved when living plant material is incorporated into modern artworks.

While the talks themselves were amazing, one of the best aspects of the trip was getting to know our colleagues in the other programs. Sequestered as we are on the East Coast, we don’t often get to see the students at the Queens or Getty programs, and it was great to finally meet them. It was also interesting to compare experiences and learn how the different programs approached the task of training tomorrow’s conservators.

I also got to catch up with the book and paper students I met in Buffalo in January. We compared notes on our experiences so far, and traded information about¬†our summer internships, and I was excited to learn that there will be some students from the other programs in New York City this summer. I’m looking forward to seeing them here!


About Saira

Saira is a newly fledged book conservator currently working in Saint Paul, MN.
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